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Are the goods authentic?
YES! At Haute Steal we take every measure possible to guarantee the authenticity of our listings. You will notice that we are very much aware of the many sites that circulate the internet offering so-called 'authentic, designer goods', some are outright fakes and then there are those that to the untrained eye would pass off as a high quality copy. At Haute Steal we do our best to ensure that we are viewed as being open and transparent. Each listing is accompanied by many photos especially of key indicators to prove the authenticity of that product. 

Rest assured we have nothing to hide and all photos are our own- not stolen off someone else- unless otherwise stated.


Each item that we list is assessed according to the following categories

New- New with Tags (box, cards, etc.) and unused
Excellent- No visible flaws or wear, looks almost new (surface scratches not visible at arm's length)
Very Good- No significant flaws or wear if not in an obvious place (Very light wear)
Fair- Obvious signs of wear (hard scratches, stains)


How much does each item cost?
As the total cost is inclusive of shipping, tracking and insurance, the price will differ for international and domestic customers. The quoted price is for domestic (Australian buyers) only, however if you are an international buyer please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a quote. 


How can I best contact you?
We can be contacted via email, Whatsapp or WeChat.


What forms of payment do you take?
As we are a young company we are happy to cater to various payment options. We hope to be establish a fully functioning website in the near future but at the moment we accept PayPal (credit card payments can be accepted via PayPal should you not have a PayPal account), direct deposit or cash upon delivery/pick up can be arranged (apologies limited to Sydney only). Otherwise for your peace of mind we can also list our goods on Ebay but please note that an small fee will be applied to the quoted price to cover the 10% commission required by Ebay upon sale. 

Returns, exchange, refund

Do you offer a return/exchange/refund and if so, under what circumstance?
Unfortunately no return, refund or exchange will be honoured for a change of mind purchase. If however we have sold you something that has been proven to be fake (with necessary paperwork to support this) then we will reimburse you with a full refund and also pay for the return shipping to compensate for our mistake.


Do you offer international shipping?
Yes we do!

Does shipping come with tracking and insurance?

Yes, tracking and shipping are inclusive in the total cost for both domestic and international customers for your peace of mind and for ours as well.

Should you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask!

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